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We want to share our Africa with you! At the heart of what we do is a common passion for conservation, wildlife and photography in Africa.


Hi. My name is Gavin, or more simply, just G. I love the African bush, and I love taking photographs. Short and sweet!

Growing up inspired and motivated by George Adamson’s books about Elsa the lioness, I’m at my happiest when I’m in my car looking for stories to tell with my camera. Yup – there I said it, the bush is my happy place and it’s a privilege that I am able to travel and share my images with you!

The truth is, I’m not looking to win fancy awards – what I am looking to do is to use the camera as an excuse to go out, and, together with you, create unforgettable experiences and memories in some of the most amazing places in Africa. I do my best to capture what I see and share it with you – While we won’t skimp on luxury, It really is all about creating the ultimate bush experience!

And the fact that you’re here, means that we share the same passion.

Thank you for stopping by to see what we’re all about – in reality, YOU’RE the one doing me the favour. If I didn’t have someone to share my photos with, there wouldn’t be much point in taking them in the first place, and then I wouldn’t have a good excuse to play in the bush all day.

So, yes, I’m just an African in the bush, with a camera.

Gavin Jones

Our Goals

“What images of my journey through life can I show that will ultimately change the way we see things and thus create a positive change in our world? As we are surrounded by our own images every moment of our lives and bombarded by images from others, I feel that through viewing photographs by photographers, we allow ourselves a brief moment to stop, focus, and reassess what we think and feel about any given subject. Ultimately, this moment of pause is what allows us to change the way we see things, and thus make a change in life.”

– Andrew Lambert, Images of Change

We aim to change the way we view our world through our lenses and experience Africa through our unmatched, personalized bush experiences. For every client, on every trip, we pay attention to every aspect and consider every little detail, to ensure an experience that surpasses your wildest dreams.

Irrespective of your level of photography, our flagship Photography Safaris cater to small intimate groups of 6 photographers, allowing like minded individuals the opportunity to visit and photograph wildlife in some of the most iconic destinations in southern Africa. If, however, you prefer to visit yourself, we have also listed a number of our favourite safari lodges which can be booked on their own. Alternatively, conatact us to design a bespoke safari experience for you!


Why travel with us?

We Know Africa

We live here. We have family here. We’ve spent years travelling through Africa. I think it’s safe to say, that because we’ve experienced life here, we have insight into the destinations we sell, as locals and as visitors.

We’ve driven from Victoria Falls to the Okavango Delta, and from Harare to Cape Town. We understand what it feels like to fly from London to Harare.

We can recommend restaurants because we’ve eaten there, camps because we’ve stayed there, hikes to take because we’ve walked there, and places to see because we’ve been there.

We Care

We care deeply about Africa – it’s people and it’s wildlife, so when you book your safari with us we give you practical travel guidelines that underscore the importance of low-impact travel. We will encourage you to be mindful that you are a guest in Africa, not just a photo-snapping visitor.

Everything we do, will have an impact on the communities in which we work – from raising funds for vital projects such as the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Foundation (, painted Dog Conservation ( to donating a percentage of every item sold off the Afristore to the communities that produced them, we are all about giving back!

incredible experiences

Unmatched Experiences

Our goal is to give you an experience and memories that are unmatched! If your adventure has been a life-changing event for you, or your trip with us has moved you to help others, or contributed to conservation efforts in Africa, we couldn’t be more proud. We are all about creating memories that stay with you for a lifetime!

The local guides we work with are some of the best in the business, and you would do well to download some of the vast knowledge they have obtained through years in the field – once you’re done, you’ll know your Aepyceros (Impala) from your Viverra (Civets)!

Customer Care

When you book with us, you are not clients, but a part of our family! We understand that not being local, choosing camps and lodges can be confusing. We however have stayed in all of them and can help you cut through the clutter. Everything is covered, from advice on visas, insurance and inoculations, to recommended camera equipment and rentals, so you are fully prepped to enjoy your stay.

Our Passion

We want to share our Africa with you! At the heart of what we do is a common passion for conservation, wildlife and photography in Africa.

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