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Welcome to Afritography

Indeed, welcome to Africa! In my mind, there is nowhere like it on this planet for wildlife, wildlands, diversity and rich traditions that endure. Prepare to fall in love not only with its people but also with its rugged, natural beauty!

Whether you’re a wide-eyed first-timer or a frequent visitor, Africa cannot fail to win your heart. The canvas upon which the continent’s epic story is written is itself astonishing, and reason enough to visit.

Even for locals, there is much to explore and discover – we are the cradle of mankind. Life first emerged about 3.8-billion years ago, our journey begins in South Africa, where fossils of some of the earliest known life forms on Earth have been found. South Africa has yielded fossils of some of the earliest known dinosaurs, and fossils of our distant mammal-like ancestors, which lived more than 200-million years ago, have also been found in South Africa.

Africa is the birthplace of humankind. This is where our collective umbilical cord lies buried. Hominids – the ancestors of modern humans – first emerged about seven million years ago, right here on our doorstep!

Wherever you find yourself on this big, beautiful continent, Africa has few peers when it comes to natural beauty.

We live on a continent that embraces the old and the new. While the past retains its hold over the lives of many Africans, many have embraced the future, bringing creativity and sophistication to the continent’s cities and urban centres. Sometimes this New Africa is expressed in a creative-conservation search for solutions to the continent’s environmental problems, or in an eagerness to break free of the restrictive chains of the past and transform the traveller experience. But just as often, modern Africans are taking all that is new and fusing it onto the best of the old.

On this continent where human beings first came into existence, customs, traditions and ancient rites tie Africans to ancestors past and to the collective memory of its people. To some, it can feel as though the modern world never have happened, and they are all the better for it. Keeping to the old ways of doing things – with a certain grace and civility, hospitality and a community spirit, they survive.

Africa’s landscapes are brought to life by myriad wildlife, with a tangible and sometimes profoundly mysterious presence that adds to the personality of our land. So many of the great beasts, the big, and the little 5, call Africa home. Going on safari may be something of a travel cliché, but we’re yet to find a traveller who has watched the wildlife world in motion not leave with a piece of Africa in their heart!

It is with this mindset that we at Afritography have set out to build a community of wildlife, conservation and photography enthusiasts across the globe. Our mission, through travel, is not only to educate and experience but to raise awareness of the plight of the many species, whose habitats and numbers are coming under increasing pressure, not only from a growing human population but human vanity and greed!
We aim to change the way our world is viewed through our lenses and experience Africa through our unmatched, personalized bush experiences. For every client, on every trip, we pay attention to every aspect and consider every little detail, to ensure an experience that surpasses your wildest dreams.

Irrespective of your level of photography, our scheduled tours cater for small intimate groups of up to 12 guests, allowing like-minded individuals the opportunity to visit and photograph wildlife in some of the most iconic destinations in Southern Africa, hosted by professional tour leaders and guides. Not to be left out, should you wish to explore on your own, we would gladly assist in booking one of our many partner properties, or help to customise a special trip just for you!

“Africa smiled a little when you left. We know you, Africa said. We have seen and watched you. We can learn to live without you, but we know we needn’t yet. And Africa smiled a little when you left. You cannot leave Africa, Africa said. It is always with you, there inside your head. Our rivers run in currents in the swirl of your thumbprints; our drumbeats counting out your pulse; our coastline, the silhouette of your soul. So Africa smiled a little when you left. We are in you, Africa said. You have not left us, yet.”
* Bridget Dore (South African poet; poem dedicated to Nelson Mandela)

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